“We Built You a New Vimeo”, Says Vimeo

Video sharing site Vimeo, in a bubbly and whimsical blog post, outlined a slew of new changes to the site, many of which it says were inspired by user requests.

The video page received a facelift, and now it features a wider video player, a cleaner interface, and a reorganization of various shortcuts and tools. Browsing is improved, as is the site’s search functionality and uploading experience--for example, uploading multiple files simultaneously is easier to do.

Users also have more privacy controls, such as the ability to block other users or hide stats and activity streams, and there is now a Recently Viewed section for user accounts that let you easily trace the videos you want to check out a second (or third) time.

Instead of an inbox, Vimeo now has a feed; within your feed, you can watch videos, infinitely scroll, and search. “Following” has replaced contacts and subscriptions; whatever you’re following, you’ll get updates on it in your feed.

There are many more new minor features, such as Picasa support and a combined share/embed technology, but Vimeo users will likely stumble across them by and by (and be pleasantly surprised). You can check out the details on all the new changes at vimeo.com/new.
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