Water-Cooled GeForce GTX 285 / 295 Coming Soon?

If you consider yourself a graphics snob, there's a good chance you were still unimpressed by the performance doled out from NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 285. If so, help could soon be on the way. We're hearing reports that both Zotac and EVGA are currently working up water-cooled GTX 295 GPUs, with the former outfit also cooking up a liquid-assisted GTX 285.

Granted, nothing on either of these is official just yet, but given the perpetual demand for more speed and higher frame rates, we certainly wouldn't put the idea beyond the realm of feasibility. Purportedly, the water-cooled GTX 285 could overcome the mythical 702MHz mark, while the liquid-cooled GTX 295 would certainly make a run for fastest consumer-level GPU on the market. It's expected that the water block would simply be sandwiched between the two PCBs, and while a release date is far from certain, we're hearing late February or early March tossed around. Sorry to put your previously imminent GTX 285 / GTX 295 purchase on hold, but don't you think these might be worth waiting for?