Watch-like Device Reduces Snoring

If you’ve ever attempted to sleep in the same room as a person who snores loudly, then you know just how difficult it can be to get a good night’s rest. Now, thanks to the new SnorePro from HBIUSA, relief may be in sight. This watch-like unit uses Dynamic Snore Detection technology to detect snores. When snoring is detected, the device sends a programmable digital pulse in an attempt to help reduce the snoring. This biofeedback technique imitates a wife who nudges her snoring husband and disturbs his sleep enough to cause him to change positions and stop snoring.

A change in snore intensity activates the biofeedback function and sends the pulse. This disturbance technique is designed to act as a consequence and help snorers learn to tighten their nose or throat muscles or change positions to end snoring. In addition, HBIUSA claims that the stimulation may increase oxygen intake and improve sleep quality.

Skeptics will be interested in the device’s ability to detect and record loud snores, allowing you to track improvements and see if, or to what extent, your snoring has reduced over time. You can view this information from the device’s built-in LCD. By tracking this information, the SnorePro can also help you identify external factors that can affect snoring, such as sleep position or alcohol conception.

The SnorePro offers an adjustable threshold and can therefore be tuned for sleep in noisy environments. The stimulation from the device may disturb the snorer some, but it claims to help their bedmates (who lose an average of one hour of sleep per night due to snoring) enjoy and regain sleep. To help users become accustomed to using the device, HBI-USA offers a three-step training program with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced modes. Just in time for the holidays, the SnorePro is available at,, and

We’ll admit: this device sounds a little too good to be true. After all, it seems that no one has been able to effectively cure snoring to date. Still, we’re willing to bet someone will give it a try. Plus, the idea of giving someone the gift of sleep for Christmas sounds intriguing.

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