Watch The Apple Watch Get Hammered In This Durability Test With Surprising Results

apple watch ultra
Apple's high-end rugged Apple Watch Ultra is said to be the most durable yet, but can it withstand a torture test? YouTuber TechRax decided to put the new watch to the test, dropping it, shaking it in a jar of nails, and even taking a small sledge hammer to the watch face.

Apple announced its first ever Apple Watch Ultra during its recent Far Out event. The smartwatch is aimed at people who love the outdoors, with a rugged design, bigger battery, and other features suited for "explorers," "endurance athletes," and "those who aspire to push beyond their limits," according to Apple. It also comes with a hefty starting price tag of $799. So, one might wonder just how durable one of these Sapphire Crystal Ultra watches really are.

The first test the watch was put through was the standard drop test. TechRax dropped the watch, face down, from around the same distance as if on someone's arm onto a concrete surface. Outside of a few marks along the outer watch face, the Apple Ultra came out of the test pretty much unscathed.

apple watch ultra nails

The next test placed the Ultra into a jar filled with nails. The YouTuber shook the jar violently for a bit, and then removed the watch. Once again, the smartwatch seemed to escape any meaningful damage to the watch face itself.

But how would the watch hold up to a small sledge hammer banging directly onto the watch face? Well, the results were quite surprising. The watch face actually endured more than a few smacks with the hammer, before finally succumbing to the hammer's many hits. The wrist-facing side was less resilient, as its ceramic shattered upon the first direct impact from the hammer. We don't feel that is an issue given that it will not bear the brunt of impact in any ordinary usage.

To say that the new Apple Ultra Watch is durable is perhaps an understatement. It appears the smartwatch can indeed take more than its fair share of abuse. Whether or not it is worth the high price tag is another story. That really comes down to your specific needs and wallet. But if you do choose to grab one of these high-end smartwatches, you should be able to feel really confident about how durable it is.