Watch Home Videos on Sony's New Digital Photo Frames

It's easier than ever to record cheesy videos of your vacation or embarrassing moments on the fly now that even basic point-n-shoot cameras come with the ability to shoot video, so it only makes sense that digital photo frames get on the same page. Thanks to Sony, they now have. Sony this week announced three new S-Frame digital photo frames -- DPF-XR100, DPF-VR100, and DPF-D830 -- equipped to bombard dinner party guests with both photo and video playback.

"Our new digital photo frames offer consumers a variety of options for showing off their favorite images and now video in any room of the house or at the office," said Koba Kobayashi, director of the digital imaging accessory business at Sony Electronics. "Sporting the styling, innovations, and intelligent features of our Cyber-shot cameras and Bravia LCD HDTVs, these frames give consumers a way to showcase their photos and videos conveniently and with amazing quality and clarity."

Both the XR100 and VR100 come with a 10.2-inch WSVGA LED backlit LCD screen and support AVCHD video playback via media card. An image processor nestled inside the frames handle scaling duties, displaying content at up to 256 megapixels. Audio is also part of the mix, so you'll want to be double-diligent in checking the video folder on your memory card to make sure you remove those, um, special homemade videos you'd rather not share with vistors.

The D380 sports an SVGA LED backlit LCD display and an 8-inch screen. It's powered by a built-in rechargeable battery Sony claims lasts up to 100 minutes (photos only). And all three frames come with 2GB of internal memory, enough to hold thousands of images and a handful of high-def video clips.

Look for the XR100, VR100, and D830 to ship in November for $250, $200, and $150, respectively.