Watch Dogs Patch For All Platforms Expected Next Week To Cure Many Ills

Publisher Ubisoft is promising to release a major patch in the next few days that will fix a plethora of issues in Watch Dogs, arguably one of the most anticipated games of the year that unfortunately debuted with several bugs and performance issues. The fixes apply to all platforms, and in fact a patch for the PlayStation 4 version is already available.

Ubisoft will address the PlayStation 3 and PC next, followed by the Xbox One and Xbox 360 within the next week. Among the major game fixes for all platforms is one that will automatically reconstruct corrupted save files that prevented loading to go further than 90 percent (some collectibles may remain unrecoverable). The patch will also fix an issue preventing players from using hacks in game.

Watch Dogs

We took a look at how Watch Dogs runs on the PC and found that Ubisoft screwed the pooch when it comes to suggested VRAM settings. Even in 1080p mode, Watch Dog devours video RAM like there's no tomorrow. The performance issues don't affect all systems, but if you're seeing the same issues we did, be sure to try out some of our recommended settings while you wait for the patch.

Hopefully this will all be fixed when the patch is released. We're hopeful after reading through Ubisoft's extensive list of PC specific fixes, which includes addressing graphical glitches on Low and Medium settings, as well as "several performance improvements."