Warner Drops HD-DVD, Fall-out Begins

Yesterday Warner Bros. announced the decision to drop HD-DVD support, opting to go Blu-ray only after May.  The HD-DVD Group issued a short, tersely worded press release in response, but that was just when the fun started.

We just got an email which stated that the HD DVD group is canceling its CES press conference; tail severely between legs over today's explosive news that Warner -- the last "undecided" studio -- was going to the other side and doing Blu-ray discs exclusively. We're not sure if that's because the HD DVD group was in 11th hour negotiations with Warner or what, but the mood at that camp has to be beyond somber right now, so it's pretty hard to thump the tub when you've just been dealt a hard losing hand. Notice posted after the break.

Update: Toshiba, masters of the HD DVD format, just issued a press release expressing their "particular disappointment" with Warner, also implying that the move to go Blu-ray exclusive is actually in breach of contract. The particularly depressing release is also posted after the break.

Update 2: Doing a little victory dance of its own, Blu-ray is touting its CES presence as "Best Booth of All Time". No, not at all puerile. Nyah.

Could not have been worse timing, with CES upcoming next week.  Spin control has to be going full speed this weekend.

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