Warner Bros. Secures Movie Rights For ‘Minecraft’ Big Screen Blockbuster

Minecraft is headed to the silver screen. Warner Bros. has secured the movie rights, and the film adaption of the game will be helmed by Jon Berg, with Roy Lee producing, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The title is one of those insanely popular games whose appeal is a mystery on its face--you build stuff in a blocky, low-res environment to avoid the night time monsters and then you do it again and again--but then you sit and play it, or even watch someone else play it, and you can’t turn away.


It’s not unlike the experience of building and creating with Lego; the concept is simple, but the possibilities are virtually bound only by the imagination. It’s fitting, then, that producer Roy Lee also produced The Lego Movie, which is a combination of a love letter to and an advertisement for Lego that is simply delightful--and most importantly, looks like 90 minutes of amazing Lego sets and creations.

If the Minecraft movie is anything like The Lego Movie, fans will be pleased.