Want to be the First to get Instagram for Android? Now’s Your Chance

Hoping you can say you were using Instagram for Android before it was mainstream (even though it’s already been on iOS for a good long while)? Great news: You can now sign up to for an email notification from Instagram when the app is ready and apparently secure your spot at the front of the line.

At instagr.am/android, there’s a message that simply says “Want to be first in line for Instagram on Android?”, and there's a space for your email address and a “Notify Me” button. It’s hard to say when exactly Instagram will actually be available, but it's definitely in the offing.

We eagerly await the Android-based onslaught of grainy photos of college kids at underground concerts, food, duck-facing girls, pensive landscapes, and found objects.

Twenty bonus points to Instagram for the sweet Android logo mod.