Want A T-shirt That Plays Tetris?

We’re sure there’s a mathematical formula somewhere that demonstrates that if you give a nerd enough time plus sufficient gadgetry and the proper amount of nostalgia, you’ll get hilarious, amazing results. Case is point is a t-shirt on which you can play Tetris.

“I always wanted a playable Tshirt, well now I made one myself,” wrote Marc Kerger on the description of a YouTube video he made demonstrating the shirt. He said he was inspired to do so in celebration of Tetris’ 30th anniversary.

He created the wearable game using an Arduino Uno, a pair of Adafruit Matrix controllers, 128 LEDs, a battery pack consisting of 4AAs, and 3D-printed soft buttons and hard plastic housings for the equipment.

It looks like he’s playing Tetris using either a mirror or his video camera’s monitor, which is difficult either way; we think the Tetris t-shirt would work better and be more fun and hilarious if you had a friend or family member play the game while you’re wearing it.

tetris tshirt
The hardware inside

It also seems that the torso-based gameplay is better than trying to game on the side of a building.