Want A Raise? Move To Australia

Everybody wants a raise. But substantial wage growth depends not only on the value of the work you're doing, but also on a local shortage of people that can perform that work. It appears there's lots of IT work in Australia, and not enough people to do it, as IT salaries have gone up almost 12% in the last year alone.
"The survey taken over the past 12 months by one of Australia's largest IT recruiters, Greythorn Group, shows that Australian salaries in positions such as .Net development, business analyst, database administration and project management are matching and in some cases surpassing those in highly paid centers such as the US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The report found that demand has increased across the whole range of IT positions, with critical shortages in high-end IT positions such as Project Managers, Business Analysts and Software Architects.
There is also a shortage of skilled developers with expertise in C#, C++, .Net and Java. A dearth of SAP, Oracle, and Data Warehousing skills is also causing hiring difficulties. Demand for Database, Storage, Networking and Desktop Support professionals is steadily increasing."

You could move there from the United States, I suppose, and get a raise, if it wasn't for the language barrier. You could watch old Paul Hogan movies to get past that.
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