Wanna Get Loaded And Buy Integrated Circuits?

Broadcom really isn't a sexy business. They supply Integrated Circuits for broadband communications. It is a big business, however; Broadcom had revenue of $3.67 billion in 2006, for instance. According to indictments handed down recently, various people at Broadcom backdated millions of stock options to raid company receipts for themselves and others, and Broadcom co-founder and former CEO Henry T. Nicholas figured you'd be more likely to do business with him if you were high and had a prostitute on each arm.

A second, four-count indictment names only Nicholas, 48, and alleges that he maintained homes and commercial properties in Orange County and Las Vegas for the "purpose of using and distributing controlled substances," including cocaine and methamphetamine.

Among other things, Nicholas allegedly supplied Broadcom customers with prostitutes and narcotics he sometimes referred to as "party favors." He is accused of slipping drugs into some of their drinks.

"Defendant Nicholas spiked the drinks of others with MDMA (ecstasy) without their knowledge, including . . . the drinks of technology executives and representatives who worked for Broadcom's customers," the indictment alleged. No victims were identified by name.

So if you work in the Tech industry, and you woke up face-down and pantsless in the gutter with a pocket full of Broadcom receipts and a terrible headache, perhaps now is a good time to ask for your money back. Or send Henry Nicholas a thank-you note.
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