Wanna Build You're Own MMORPG? Acclaim says 'Sign On Up'

Ever wish you could help make a game based of you're own ideas?   Well, Acclaim's new project, currently code-named "Top Secret", is a 20,000 strong studio made up of volunteers.   They're making history not only as the largest studio ever, but also the first to enlist the aid of ordinary people just like you.  The project's goal, according to Dave Perry, a developer, is to produce a professional MMO game created by thousands of individuals each contributing what they can.

Thousands of people have signed up to help develop a community-built massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMO). Developer Dave Perry and publisher Acclaim are building a professional MMO with the help of ordinary people. One of the users will be chosen to "direct" a future game and will receive any royalties earned. "I want it to be a title they own and feel excited about," said Mr Perry, a 24-year veteran of the games industry.
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