Walmart to Carry Apple's iPad, Don't Expect a Discount

We have to hand it to Apple for what could turn out to be a brilliant marketing move. While the competition scrambles to release tablets in time for the holiday shopping season, Apple will be pushing its popular iPad in Walmart stores across the United States. This in addition to Best Buy and, more recently, more than 1,700 Target stores. In other words, for those who kick it old school and do their holiday shopping in brick and mortar locations, the iPad will be there at every turn.

As it pertains to Walmart, in addition to milk and laundry detergent, you'll be able to shop all six versions of the iPad as well as a bunch of related accessories, though from the leaked photos and memos they don't appear to be any cheaper than ordering directly from Apple. AppleCare will be offered too, though details are a little fuzzy here.

Some 1,000 Walmart locations will receive iPad shipments by the end of the month, with another 800 stores on tap for early November. As it stands, there are more than 2,800 Walmart "Supercenter" stores in the U.S. and 750 smaller sized versions