Walmart Slashes Price On iPhone 4 For June

Although no one seems to know exactly when the next iPhone will be announced or released, we do know where to find a deal on the iPhone 4: Walmart. The low-cost retailer announced that it has lowered the price on Apple's iPhone 4 to $147 in its brick-and-mortar stores across the country. The price break is for a limited time only, however.

The price reduction began at the beginning of this week and only applies to the 16GB iPhone 4. As with other discounted phones, you'll still be required to sign a two-year contract. The promotion is scheduled to end July 1. At that time, the 16GB iPhone 4 will go back to selling for $199. The promotion is not available on Walmart's website.

The price decrease applies to both the AT&T and Verizon Wireless models. Currently, the AT&T version is available in more than 2,200 Walmart locations across the country. The Verizon Wireless variant of the phone is available in more than 600 stores. Walmart plans to expand upon the availability of the phone in the coming weeks.