Walmart Offers Google Home Mini Bundle Deals To Combat Amazon Echo

Walmart has some alternatives to the deals that we talked about over the weekend on Amazon streaming devices. The deals that Walmart is promoting include the Google Smart TV Kit for $49, which is a $25 discount off the regular $74 price for the bundle. What the package offers is a Google Home Mini and a Chromecast; Walmart says this bundle is exclusive to its stores.

smart tv kit

Most are probably familiar with what Chromecast has to offer; it lets you stream content to your TV from Netflix, Vudu, and other sources. Now is an excellent time to add more Google Home Mini devices to your home with Walmart offering a 2-pack of the small AI assistants for $50; that is a $38 discount off the usual $78 price for a pair of the Home Minis. With a pair of Google Home Mini devices, you can play the same music in multiple rooms and broadcast messages around the house. That latter feature can be handy if you have family strung out across a larger home and you don't want to have to yell to get people to hear you.

smart lighting

The last Google bundle deal that Walmart has going right now is a special price on a Google Smart Light Starter Kit. This kit pairs the Google Home Mini with a GE C-Life Smart bulb and sells for $35, which is a $20 discount from the usual $55 price. With these two devices, you can turn the smart bulb on and off using your voice. The only catch is that the smart bulb has to be within 50-feet of the Google Home Mini for voice commands to work. If what you want is just a Google Home Mini, Walmart has them for $29 in multiple colors, which is a $20 discount off the regular $49 price.