Walmart "Embarrassed" by Video of Employees Abusing iPad Inventory

The next YouTube video that's likely to go viral is that of Walmart employees tossing around iPads in the warehouse of a Kentucky store. Apple iPad devices are shown being thrown like several feet in the air like frisbees not always getting caught. In one instance, an employee purposely slams a boxed iPad to the concrete floor and says, "Oh wow, sorry about that iPad. I hope nobody buys that."

Throughout the 48-second video, the employees are heard laughing and making sarcastic comments. At the beginning of the video, the narrator sets the stage by saying, "Alright, this is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart." We've embedded the video below, though be warned it's NSFW due to language.

A local CBS news affiliate in Kentucky got in touch with Walmart about the video, who said it was "embarrassed" by what it saw.

"We've seen the video of several nightshift associates destroying merchandise in the back of our store in August and, as anyone can imagine, it made us wince. We are also embarrassed," Walmart told WKYT.

Walmart said the associates shown in the video no longer work for the retailer, adding that it hasn't received any returns on merchandise since "this unfortunate incident."
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