‘Waiting in Line 3D’ Game Pokes Fun At Pathetic Black Friday Shoppers

The instructions for the game say it all: “Punch yourself in the face to stay awake, but don’t punch too much or you will die.” It’s a game that isn’t especially scintillating, but it’s a simple and funny commentary on the whole Black Friday experience.

Basically, you have to punch yourself to stay awake, and you can jump, and it’s really easy to kill yourself. That’s the whole game. You get a higher score depending on how long you can hold out without either dying or falling asleep.

Waiting In Line 3D Black Friday

Black Friday has become an unsavory part of an otherwise great holiday. It’s true that some families make a tradition out of it, bundling up and heading out at midnight together to seek some good shopping deals, but far too many seem to completely forget themselves. At the far end of the dark spectrum you see those awful videos of people being trampled, but plenty of others simply turn into line-cutting, product-snatching bullies and jerks.

Let’s just say that it’s not humanity’s finest day every year. We’ll take our chances on Cyber Monday, thanks very much.