Vudu Adds Pandora Radio Application

It's happening everywhere, really. Movie set-top boxes around the world are growing functionality at an alarming rate. Boxee has arrived on the Apple TV. Amazon Video on Demand is on Roku. And now, Pandora -- the world's most loved internet radio source, unscientifically speaking -- is on Vudu.

Aside from boasting one of the largest high definition VOD lineups in the industry, Vudu can now provide its users with the smooth streaming sounds of Pandora -- and for free, of course. The music application is the first of its kind on Vudu's Rich Internet Application platform, and it's joining YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and a selection of over 120 channels of web based video content available to Vudu owners.

Edward Lichty, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Content, had this to say about the addition: "As we continue to expand our RIA platform, we look forward to bringing many more popular services like Pandora to the Vudu Service. Our open development environment allows us to easily release new applications in partnership with some of today's most popular services and content delivery platforms, increasing the value of the Vudu service platform for our users and partners." Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora, echoed those sentiments with this: "Pandora is committed to enabling our listeners to enjoy their Pandora stations in all the places they listen to music; at home, at work or on the go. We were impressed with Vudu's speed and the quality of development and think that Vudu is a great way for our listeners to access their favorite Pandora stations in the comfort of their living room."

Vudu users can now (like, right now) tap into Pandora in order to craft their own personalized music station -- have any of you given it a whirl?
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