Vonage Mobile Comes To The Android

Want to call overseas cheaply? There's an app for that.

Almost counterintuitively, AT&T and T-Mobile already allows iPhone and Blackberry apps for Vonage, the VOIP provider, which just rolled one out for Android phones.

For $24.99 a month, a customer gets unlimited calling to more than 60 countries (in some places it depends on the type of call, and calls to cellular phones are not included in some countries). On the iPhone, calls can be made over Wi-Fi or the cellular network and on the iPod Touch, just over Wi-Fi; on Blackberry only over the cellular network. The Android calls can be made over either Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Free calls also can be made domestically.

The app allows customers to pay the per-month fee, which is Vonage's World Mobile plan, or Pay-Per-Use.

The thing about the Wi-Fi calls is that they can be made from your cellular device when you're traveling abroad, without incurring regular (sky-high) cell charges. Because the Vonage Mobile app works with existing mobile plan, you don't have to have a special phone number and it uses your phone's contact list.

The only real question is: How come AT&T and T-Mobile said yes?