VMware Delivers ‘Rich, Virtual Graphics’ With NVIDIA’s GRID Rendering Tech

With the release of VMware View 5.3 vDGA, VMware is deploying NVIDIA’s GRID rendering technology which allows better virtualization of graphically intensive applications in an enterprise environment.

We’ve seen NVIDIA demo this technology before, and although it can certainly be used for cloud gaming, GRID offers a server package that can substitute for desktop-side workstation-level graphics.


“NVIDIA GRID GPU Pass-Through technology makes this possible by allowing a virtual machine running VMware View 5.3 on top of the VMware ESX hypervisor to talk directly to a dedicated GRID GPU,” wrote NVIDIA’s Justin Boitano in a blog post.

GRID is intriguing because of its ability to centralize graphics firepower; whether you’re working on an engineering project or streaming to a smart TV or tablet, the heavy graphical lifting is done elsewhere.