Vizio To Debut Android-Based 4" Via Phone and 8" Via Tablet At CES

The Consumer Electronics Show for 2011 hasn't even started yet, but already things are warming up near Las Vegas. While Vizio themselves have yet to make a proper announcement, The Wall Street Journal has published a report that essentially spills the beans on two new major products from America's low-cost TV leader.

Vizio has made a name for themselves over the years by producing low-cost televisions that still have high-end features: things like connected apps, 3D, 120Hz, etc. But for some reason, being up top in the television sector isn't enough for Vizio. Now, according to this report, they are planning to sink their teeth into two more blooming markets, where the competition will be equally vicious.

First up is the Via Phone. Yes, a Vizio mobile phone! The company will reportedly debut this 4" smartphone this week in Las Vegas, and it will run Android, have a 5MP camera, video recording capabilities and a front-facing camera for video chatting. Other features and specifications aren't being released yet, but it's safe to say that the DROID X and EVO 4G will have some company in the large-screen smartphone space.

Then there's the Via Tablet. Yes, a Vizio tablet! It's hard to believe, but Vizio will be going up against the Galaxy Tab. The Via Tablet will use an 8" LCD, Wi-Fi, three internal speaker, and a front-facing camera for video chatting. This unit will also run on Android, but the exact version isn't mentioned. No pricing talk is shared either, but both the Phone and Tablet should ship this summer. Looks like 2011 is getting started with a bang!