Vivo Nex 2 Bezel-Free Phone Rocks Dual Displays And Wicked LED Light Ring

Smartphone makers are starting to experiment with new designs in order to stand out from the crowd, and we've seen some interesting concepts emerge. One of them is Samsung's upcoming folding phone—it turns into a tablet when opened. Vivo, meanwhile, seems to be readying a new smartphone with two displays, one on the front and one on the back.

Leaks and teasers all point to the Vivo Nex 2 being a dual-screen handset, which could be great for taking selfies. How so? For whatever reason, smartphone makers typically (not always) put a higher quality camera sensor on the rear of the phone. The Vivo Nex 2's backside display would make it easier to snap a selfie using the rear camera.

Let's talk about the leaks and teasers that are out there. Shown above is a render posted to Twitter by Ben Geskin, a leaks visualization and concept designer. It's not the actual handset, but it is based on leaked information that is out there, including a purportedly leaked shot of the actual phone on Weibo.

There's also this teaser video on YouTube...

Having dual screens is a standout feature for sure, but it's not the only notable aspect of the Nex 2. It also boasts a "Lunar Ring," essentially an RGB LED ring that wraps around a triple camera array. Presumably the Lunar Ring would light up in response to certain events, like receiving a notification or perhaps to indicate the battery status.

The triple camera system is also interesting, as it supposedly allows for 3D modeling. One of the cameras is a "time of flight" lens that fires out pulses of light. By measuring the time it takes for those light beams to return, the phone can map out objects up to 3 meters away. It basically means the phone could scan and digitize an object.

It's not clear what kind of horsepower this phone is packing, how much RAM it has, or any other detailed specs. There's also no mention of a release date or pricing. However, with two displays, we imagine it will cost a pretty penny.