Visual Basic On Steroids, Red Bull, Four Espressos And A Jolt Cola.

Yahoo introduced their personal GUI builder Pipes, a short time ago. Is it "beatbox defjammin L337 kewl," or is it "Ted Stevens interwebs is a series of tubes Perry Como" cool? Read/WriteWeb has a look, and sees a lot of potential there.

Perhaps today we are witnessing one of the most vivid examples of emergence - the remixing of the world wide web. The parts of the new web have crystallized - blogs, photos, video, audio, maps, RSS, social network profiles and even plain old HTML pages have formed an impressive network, that now can be mined and remixed. Mashups are really nothing new, the web has been a programmable oyster for at least a few years now. What is new though is the recent systematic thinking about the web as a database. A few companies, including Dapper, have been working on the problem. But with the recent launch of Yahoo! pipes, we are beginning to see the real power of remixing.
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