Vista's Delays and Linux?

XYZ Computing posted up an article talking about Microsoft's mishaps with Vista, Xbox 360 and Office, as a reason for Linux to take more of the desktop OS market. Not sure what the big problems with Vista are, other than the short release delay, and what Xbox or Office have to do with the OS Market. Looks to me like an anti-microsoft rant from an open source user. What do you all think about Vista or this article? Feel free to comment and discuss this in our forums. 

With Microsoft taking a beating because of Vista's problems and delays, it is time for desktop Linux to step up and experience some considerable growth. Right now, with Vista and Microsoft garnering very low approval ratings, desktop Linux providers need to be more aggressive about their marketing and get their message to concerned consumers. This should not be thought of as kicking Microsoft when it's down, but the fact remains that a lot of people, even dedicated MS fans, are disappointed with what they know about Vista and what they have been hearing about the company in general. This means it is an ideal time to present people with a viable option.
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