Vista's Command Console Extends Trial Period From 30 To 120 Days

Since the release of Windows Vista many people have been pouring over different guides in order to answer the not so age old question of which version of Vista is right for them. Well it looks like a simple console command with administrator rights enabled will let you extend you're 30 day grace period for activating Vista to a possible 120. Maybe with more time figuring out which version to shell out the extra green for wont be as painful a process.

What if 30 days isn't enough time to make a decision whether pay extra to upgrade (or legitimize) a copy of Windows Vista? After all, an operating system is the basis for anyone's computing experience, and is that is unlikely to change until the next big release rolls around - which Bill Gates confirmed could be 2010 or 2011. For those people who need more than just 30-days to evaluate their copy of Windows Vista, Microsoft has an interesting but rarely talked about feature to extend the trial license.
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