Vista, Vista, and more Vista

Today is the big day. We've been hearing about it in one form or another for about half a decade now, and Microsoft's Vista operating systems are finally available at retail outlets across the country. There are multiple flavors of Vista available that each cater to a different type of user, so we recommend checking out this page to better understand how Microsoft have segmented the product.  Should you decide the an upgrade to Vista is in your future, be sure to use our PriceGrabber search engine to find the lowest price. You can already purchase Vista for well below Microsoft's proposed $99 - $399 price range.

To coincide withe the official launch, some of our compatriots have posted interesting Vista-related articles today. The Tech Report's article deals with Windows Vista's new spin on licensing and how it could spell trouble for consumers in the long run. And PC Perspective has some performance data posted comparing Windows XP to Windows Vista, and ATI to NVIDIA in a number of popular games and benchmarks. It's looking like hardcore gamers may want to sit tight for a while before making the jump to Vista to give manufacturers time to tweak their drivers for better stability and performance.

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