VisionTek XTASY X850 XT, Soltek SL-K890PRO-939, and more!

Hi Ya'll! To help alleviate your case of the mondays, we have plenty of reviews for you. Video cards, a motherbard, sub zero overclocking, and a look at a new case by Thermaltake, are all ready for your eyes to view. If you haven't checked in since sunday afternoon, make sure to take a look at Andrew's latest review, the Asus Z80K: Athlon 64 DTR Notebook. Enjoy!

Thermaltake Armor Super Tower Case Review @ MVKTech

"Meeting the needs of most users, Thermaltake unleashes the latest in full tower hardware encasements, the Armor. The Thermaltake Armor revolutionizes case design with standard features found on custom gaming rigs, taking form and functionality to the next level..."

"Natural" Sub Zero Overclocking @ PC Perspective

"This was an interesting exercise in overclocking. With the exception of the ABIT AG8, it would seem that the board with better overclocking at 14x CPU with asynchronous multiplier (see the individual reviews of these motherboards for 14x overclocking results) implies better overclocking at 18x with synchronous settings. However, without more 915P boards to test using the same hardware, it's impossible to state this as a fact."

VisionTek XTASY X850 XT Video Card @ HardOCP

"The VisionTek XTASY X850 XT is definitely the card for you if you are going to be playing EverQuest 2 a lot. The results of our testing in this game were quite surprising given that it is a "The Way it's Meant to be Played" game. When it comes right down to it, the VisionTek XTASY X850 XT offers a better, more immersive, gaming experience in EverQuest II."

Soltek's SL-K890PRO-939 motherboard @ The Tech Report

"Had it been released earlier, a board like Soltek's K8T890-based SL-K890PRO-939 could have been among the first PCI Express platforms for the Athlon 64. Now it faces a market filled with motherboards based on NVIDIA's nForce4 chipset family that have raised our expectations for the marriage of PCI-E and AMD64."

Leadtek WinFast A6600GT (AGP GeForce 6600 GT) @ Bjorn3D

"NVIDIA's 6600 GPU is aimed at users who want some of the best performing hardware without having to sell their first-born to afford it. Leadtek has taken this technology and tossed it into a great package. The WinFast A6600GT TDH offers performance that almost matches that of the next generation's hardware..."

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