Virtual MP3 Player Widget From Yahoo

Yahoo released the beta version of its browser-based MP3 player yesterday. It allows you to link MP3s from anywhere on the web on your web page, add Yahoo-supplied javascript, et voila! :working play buttons appear next to any MP3s.

    *  The interface between your document and our library is unobtrusive Javascript and semantic HTML: even though our library is Javascript internally, the API is HTML.
    * The API is fairly rich. You can set the image we use for album art. You can control the playlist sequence. You can tell us the song title. You can operate in strict mode or quirks mode. To learn more, see How To Link on the wiki.
    * We're creating a new generation of playlist technology by turning the page into a playlist. Our player knits all the songs in the page together so that they play one after the other. The result is continuous play within the hosting web page.
    * This is different from a badge in that we don't provide the content. It doesn't make sense for these to always be tied together.
    * It's different from a normal library in that users don't need to install their own copy. This makes it easier for users to adopt, and it allows us to do ongoing maintenance at web speed.
    * If you fool around with the player you'll find that you can click through to a Yahoo! search on the song title. This is a simple and unintrusive way to for us to monetize the traffic, and it keeps our business goals aligned with user needs because the search has to be adding value if we want people to use it.

Free, useful, and paid for by voluntary use of additional services. What's not to like? Besides that Menudo MP3 you have on your webpage. Seriously, get rid of that.