Virgin Mobile USA Finally Joins the iPhone Party on June 29

Apple's iPhone sure does get around these days, and on June 29, you can add Virgin Mobile USA to the list of carriers offering the popular iOS device. Virgin Mobile made the announcement today, saying it will carry both the iPhone 4 and 4S with its Beyond Talk unlimited data and messaging plans (carried out through Sprint's network) starting at $30 per month.

"This month marks Virgin Mobile USA’s tenth birthday," said Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. "And what better way to thank our fans for ten years of loyalty than by giving them exactly what they want: the perfect plan for the perfect phone. That is the essence of ‘A Higher Calling.’"

There's no contract to sign or fees for activation or roaming, but that also means you pay a higher price for the iPhone up front. Virgin Mobile will sell the iPhone 4S 16GB for $649 and the iPhone 4 8GB for $549. Plans, as stated, start at $30/month, which includes 300 voice minutes per month in addition to unlimited data and texting. Virgin Mobile also offers a $40/month plan that ups the voice minutes to 1,200, and a $50 plan that offers unlimited everything.

All of these prices are contingent upon setting up your account for automatic billing with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. Otherwise, you can tack on an additional $5 per plan.