Viral Video Shows How Much Abuse Sapphire iPhone 6 Screen Can Take

Have you ever seen anyone using a cracked iPhone? It's not a rare sight, nor is it exclusive to the iPhone crowd, but it is an unfortunate consequence of dropping a handset on pavement or other type of hard surface. Fortunately, a solution may be just around the bend. Rumor has it Apple's iPhone 6 will sport a sapphire crystal display, and from what we've seen so far, it's far more durable than Corning's Gorilla Glass.

Evidently these iPhone 6 displays are finding their way into the wild ahead of the handset's launch. It was just last week that Marques Brownlee, host of the YouTube channel MKBHD, put the display through its paces by attempting to scratch it with a his keys and pocket knife, both to no avail. He also attempted to snap the panel by bending it at an extreme angle, but it just wouldn't break.

iPhone 6 Display

If you thought that was impressive, wait until you see this new video that's been uploaded a number of different times. It's called "iPhone 6 Front Panel Ultimate Stress Test" and it lives up to its billing by putting the display through a number of torture tests, including fire and even running it over with a vehicle. It actually fails one of those tests, but passes every other one.

The Chinese-language video starts off with a series of scratch tests, including keys, a coin, and a box cutter, all of which it passes, only to be rewarded by a hammer test. It passes that too. Other tests include hammering a screw into the display, dropping it from about five feet onto a hard floor, bending it backwards, and more.

If these samples turn out to be the real deal, it means you may not need to purchase a screen protector for the iPhone 6. It also means no more peeking through a cracked screen if your drop your handset, though it's not clear how durable the rest of the iPhone 6 will be.