Vintage Nintendo Game Collections Nets Seller Over $1.2 Million on Ebay

You can quit sulking about your baseball card collection or boxes of comic books your mother tossed in the garbage bin after you moved out. Sure, they might have been worth a pretty penny, but apparently the real money when it comes to vintage items is in videogames. To wit, a French game collector sold off his collection of Nintendo and Sega console games for a cool $1.2 million and change on Ebay.

The games aren't just a random collection of cartridges. Much cooler than that, the seller claims his wares include 22 full sets of games, including every single title every released on each Nintendo console, from Famicom to Gamecube, along with all games ever released on Sega systems. Many of them were still brand new and factory sealed.

Video Games on Ebay

Andre, the 32-year-old game collector who lives in France, said he collected the various sets "just for the challenge of it," noting that some were "extremely hard to come by brand new when they're 25 years old." He amassed some 7,000 games in all, which amounts to over $175 per game that he's receiving from his Ebay sale.