Vine Sprouts New Preview And Editing Features

There’s no doubt that six-second video sharing service Vine is a hit, but like any hot new app with a simple but killer raison d’etre, a few additional features wouldn’t be unwelcome.

Vine just announced two new features, actually, called “Sessions” and “Time Travel”. Sessions allows you to have up to 10 unfinished posts going at once. That means you can save one and come back to it later, which lets users capture multiple items worth sharing and bide their time before setting them loose in the wild.

Vine Sessions

Vine Time Travel

The Time Travel feature lets you “remove, reorganize or replace any shot” in a given post. That’s a handy way to edit your Vine videos, whether you just want to top and tail the clip or if you want to engage your creativity with clever editing.

An update containing the new features are available now in the App Store and Google Play store.