Vine Is the Latest Casualty in Facebook-Twitter Spat

It’s way too early to see if Vine is going to mean long-term success for Twitter, but it’s certainly getting off to an auspicious start. The video service, which lets users embed 6-second videos in their tweets, has already broken into the top 15 apps in the iTunes App Store. On top of that, Vine may have already made enemies with Facebook, as evidenced by an “error” now preventing Vine users from copying their Facebook friends into their Vine directory.

Apple iTunes Bestseller List

Right now, Vine is only available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Android versions out soon. After all, Vine is killing it in the iTunes App Store. At the moment (and only a day after its release), the app is sitting at spot 13 in iTunes’ Free App Bestseller list for iPhone apps, leaving Facebook Messenger and Instagram in its dust. It’s also the #1 app in iTunes’ bestseller list for free social networking apps.

Apple iTunes Social Networking Bestseller List

Some users are reporting that they get an error message when they log into Vine and then try to add their Facebook contacts. The feature was working shortly after Vine’s launch. We tried to access Facebook ourselves and were greeted with the same error message we’ve been hearing about from you folks. Is Facebook blocking Vine on purpose? It wouldn’t be that surprising, as Facebook has already given the cold shoulder to Twitter with its Instagram photo app.

Error Message For Facebook Friends On Vine