VIIV Doomed?

The Washington Post has just published an interesting article outlining the author's disappointment with Intel's VIIV campaign. Although there has been ample marketing dollars thrown at this campaign, there has been little no no innovation in terms of hardware to give consumers any compelling reason to opt for a VIIV certified system. Hopefully, the campaign will mature over time and we'll see some key hardware innovations come to the table to offer more features and functionality than a standard PC.

Intel says Viiv will mean much more in the future. For example, the coming movie "10 Items or Less" will be sold as a digital download to Viiv owners within weeks of its debut in theaters. And in the second half of this year, Intel says Viiv computers will be joined by Viiv set-top boxes and networking devices, allowing people to watch Web video on their TVs. And we may also see smaller Viiv computers that depart from standard-issue PC design. But in the meantime, Intel is only embarrassing itself with its half-witted hucksterism for Viiv.