ViewSonic’s Customizable All-In-One LED Display Goes Up To A Ludicrously Big 760 Inches

hero viewsonic ldc series displays
ViewSonic has announced its LDC series customizable all-in-one mega LED displays, which enable adaptable display configurations in various aspect ratios and sizes up to a whopping 760 inches. The company says these new displays are flexible in customizable configurations, and make things such as installation, operation, upkeep, and management functionality easy.

While ViewSonic had businesses in mind when it developed the new LDC series, there will certainly be a few guys and gals out there that will imagine using these mammoth displays to create the ultimate game day experience in their man or woman cave. However, ViewSonic remarked in its press release that the new LDC series facilitates a seamless and effortless video wall and digital signage that can be utilized across business, commercial, and public spaces.

"ViewSonic is dedicated to innovation and strives to incorporate advanced technology with pioneering product designs. The launch of the LDC series marks a significant milestone in the industry, showcasing that flexibility, effortless installation, and ease of use can coexist in an ultra-large-format display," remarked Dean Tsai, General Manager of Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. 

"We consistently focus on enhancing the overall user experience that exceeds expectations. Our comprehensive portfolio allows us to expand the business into the growing digital signage market, further indicating our dedication to proactively addressing our customers’ evolving needs with greater versatility," Tsai added.

Perhaps the main allure of the LDC series is its ability to offer a wide range of sizes, aspect ratios, and shapes. The company offers a couple of examples in a 414-inch display with a 21:9 ratio, or a 378-inch display with a 16:9 ratio. What makes it even more appealing is that it can be used as a single unit up to 760-inches, and be made even larger when multiple units are combined. The flexibility of how the displays can be arranged means the new displays can be assembled as a two-floor tall video wall, or to create a flat arch-shaped display around a store entrance.

viewsonic ldc series displays around store entrance

The displays themselves feature a 31mm ultra-thin design and a 6mm bezel, which gives the units an appealing aesthetic across various settings. They also come with a detachable control box, ensuring integration into any interior style, and adding the convenience of being able to be placed up to 10-meters away for distant control. The LDC series also uses Glue-on-Board surface treatment technology, which ViewSonic says offers enhanced durability with resistance to collision, dust, and moisture. So, on game day when the drinks go flying because of a bad call, the display should be fine.

Anyone who would like to keep up with the development and availability of the upcoming LDC series of displays can do so via the ViewSonic website.
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