VideoLAN Adds Retina Display Support to VLC Player

VideoLAN's VLC Player is considered by many to be the best media player on the planet. Well, the best just got better with the release of VLC 2.0.2, which VideoLAN classifies as a "major update that fixes a of regressions of the 2.0.x branch of VLC." Mac fans will be happy to know that one of those fixes includes Retina Display support.

In fact, VideoLAN paid considerable attention to the Mac platform, and in addition to adding Retina Display support, it "notably" improved VLC Player's interface, tweaked performance, and got rid of font cache.

For Windows users still clinging to XP, VideoLAN promises better playback support. General improvements include faster decoding on mulit-core CPU, GPU, and mobile hardware; the ability to open more formats; and the elimination of "a couple hundred bugs."