VIDEO: Gut Busting Saturday Night Live Skit Puts iPhone 5 Grievances in Perspective

A little bit of perspective never hurts every once in awhile, and Saturday Night Live provided plenty of it in regards to the plethora of complaints related to Apple's recently launched iPhone 5 device. The general consensus is that the iPhone 5 is another winning product from Apple, but it's not without its flaws, including the fact that it's easily scratched. Users have also taken issue with the built-in camera serving up purple hued pictures in brightly lit scenes, as well as Apple's decision to remove Google Maps from iOS. SNL addressed them all in hilarious fashion.

Host Christina Applegate from Married with Children fame and, more recently, Up All Night, played the part of Caitln Owens, host of Tech Talk, in a skit featuring a mock panel of journalists from a number of prominent publications, all of which voiced their displeasure with the iPhone 5's shortcomings. A short while after, Owens surprises the guests by introducing "three peasant laborers from the factory in China" that manufacturers Apple devices. They wasted no time in skewering the panel, starting with Maps.

SNL Skit

"It takes you to wrong place -- you want Starbucks it takes you to Dunkin' Donuts? That must be so hard for you!," exclaimed cast member Fred Armisen, playing the part of a factory worker. Another chimes in, "Oh I guess we're just lucky, we don't need Maps because we sleep where we work. Yeah, but thank you for pointing out the problem."

These are, after all, essentially First World problems iPhone 5 users have to deal with, and perhaps the funniest of them all was when a panelist griped about the camera.

"I'm just upset about the camera. Every time I point it straight at the sun, there's a very slight purplish hue in all of my photos, what is that!?," one of the panelists complains.

There are several comical soundbytes throughout the skit. Rather than point them all out, take four minutes of your time and watch the embedded skit above. You'll be glad you did.