April Fool's Day Pranks Hit Your Favorite Games Including COD: Modern Warfare, PUBG, Overwatch And More

call of duty modern warfare

April Fools’ Day is here and this year we could all especially use a laugh. Some companies like Google are not participating in April Fools’ Day, but there are still plenty of pranks to be found in video games. Here are some of the best 2020 April Fools’ Day tricks that are floating around a few of our favorite video games.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward just released two new playlists that involve the map “Shipment”. Shipment is one of the most popular and one of smallest maps in the game. The “I Have Trust Issues” playlist will place players into 24/7 Piccadilly, one of the least popular maps, instead of Shipment. The playlist includes the description, “Totally Shipment. Come on in. But just so you know, if you quit, there’s a penalty." Thankfully players will not receive a penalty if they do choose to quit.

The second Aprils Fools’ Day playlist is called “Modern Warfare COD Fans Only Want One Thing.” Players who select this playlist will be dropped into a 10v10 version of Shipment. The result is a lot of fun chaos on a small map.


Overwatch players will notice that their favorite heroes have gotten a wardrobe update. Nearly every character in the game now boasts googly eyes. The googly eyes are present on every skin and in every mode in the game. Some objects, like Torbjorn’s turret, are even rocking googly eyes.


Most modern battle royale games, with a few exceptions like Fortnite, tend to feature a realistic or futuristic aesthetic. This week PUBG has instead introduced a temporary mode dubbed “Fantasy Battle Royale”. Players will be able to play as a “Barbarian”, “Ranger”, “Wizard”, or “Paladin”. Players will not be able to loot guns or equipment, but will instead collect materials that can be used to craft objects. The “blue circle” also becomes smaller more quickly in this mode than in other PUBG modes. PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale will be available for one week, starting today.

Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO April Fools’ Day event features a few trickster Pokémon. Trainers will be able to find Voltorb, Foongus, and Sudowoodo more frequently in the wild. Stunfisk, Shiny Croagunk, and Shiny Sudowoodo will also make their debut between Wednesday, April 1 at 8am local time and Tuesday, April 7th at 10pm local time. A few Pokémon may even photobomb Trainer’s snapshots.

pokemon go april fools 2020

The game has also recently made a few changes to encourage social distancing. The distance from which Trainers can engage with a Gym has been doubled for an undetermined amount of time. Users will be able to challenge Raid Bosses and spin Gym Photo Discs from a safer distance. This change does not apply to normal PokéStops.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding, a game developed by Kojima Productions, has received mixed reviews since its release. Some argue that the game is a work of art, while others contend that the gameplay is boring and frustrating. A fake Death Stranding movie poster recently appeared on the Internet. Unfortunately for fans of the game, it does not seem like the game will be adapted into a movie any time soon.


DuckTales is one of those TV shows that continues to have a strong fan base decades after its release. FDG Entertainment posted a Tweet that taunted fans with a new game. The tweet stated, “Surprise! We're happy to announce our new game project #DuckTales QuackShots together with our #MonsterBoyGame development partner Game Atelier!”. Other Twitter users responded that they hoped that this was not a cruel April Fools’ prank. However, at the moment it appears that the game is sadly not in development.