VIA's Nano CPU Finds Shuttle's XS29F SFF PC

Wow Shuttle, branching out, are we? The company made famous for delivering rectangular barebones kits that ruled the SFF roost for years is now spreading its wings and delving into more low-power type rigs. Don't believe us? Have a look at the latest release from VIA, which proves that Shuttle is accepting VIA's Nano CPU in its newest small form factor PC.

The fanless Shuttle XS29F is smaller and less flashy than most of Shuttle's wares, and the company is targetting home users and small business users who don't really need loads of horsepower to handle basic daily work tasks such as email, Word processing and spreadsheet creation. Furthermore, the fanless design ensures that the unit remains practically silent, so we suspect these would be just perfect in library environments, too.

Powered by a VIA Nano U1700 processor, the XS29F also packs a VX800 media system processor, VGA / DVI outputs, Ethernet, SATA II storage and up to 4GB of DDR2 RAM. There is also four USB 2.0 ports, HD audio and Chrome9 HC3 integrated graphics, and Shuttle asserts that the machine will have a maximum power usage of under 50 watts. Sadly, no pricing or release information has been divulged.