VIA Sponsors WiMAX Launch With OpenBook Netbooks

Frankly, many technology pundits have already brushed WiMAX aside as a failed attempt to become the next high-speed mobile data protocol. With LTE gaining massive support, it's hard to envision WiMAX -- a technology that is already deployed in many areas of the world -- hanging around for too long. If VIA has anything to say about it, however, it'll do just fine.

Today, VIA Technologies -- the company responsible for low-power processors in UMPCs, embedded devices and select netbooks -- has announced its participation in the Tatung University WiMAX Application Lab project that brings together industry partners and Taiwan government agencies to launch a completely WiMAX covered campus. Not surprisingly, WiMAX access was just launched today at Tatung University, and VIA's taking the opportunity to provide WiMAX-ready OpenBook mini-notes to students and faculty looking to take advantage of the lightning fast transfer rates.

Richard Brown, Vice President of International Marketing, VIA Technologies, stated the following: "Driving the proliferation of connected mobile devices using leading edge technologies has long been a key priority for VIA. VIA is proud to sponsor VIA OpenBook mini-notes for the Tatung University WiMAX Application Lab to help further that goal." During the Open House debut, a litany of demonstrations took place including WiMAX IPTV, video surveillance, IMS and SIP, and an automated electric meter reading program. The OpenBook devices referenced here come loaded with a 1.0GHz VIA Nano processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, a single-chip integrated WiMAX/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module, 2-megapixel camera and a 1024 x 600 resolution panel (8.9").