VIA PR, Asus P5ADA, NVIDIA + Dell, Setting Up a Wireless Network and More

Good morning folks!  Today is definitely much busier on the news front than yesterday.  I've only been away from the keyboard for a few hours (ie sleeping), and the news box is loaded with good stuff.  I'm going to get right down to business and get it posted because I've got some benchmarking to do.  The FedEx man was good to us today...

VIA Boosts Hard Drive Security with VIA PadLock Tru-Delete

Latest software utility and source code from VIA enables enhanced disk wiping performance utilizing the VIA PadLock RNG

Taipei, Taiwan, September 15th 2004 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today made available the VIA PadLock Tru-Delete utility and source code, a new security application that writes over previously deleted files to keep sensitive data away from prying eyes.

The VIA PadLock Tru-Delete utility, the latest addition to the VIA PadLock Software Security Suite, is designed to help protect privacy by saving random data over files that have been deleted, rendering them virtually unrecoverable. When run on a system based on a VIA processor with C5XL or C5P Nehemiah core, the random data is generated by the VIA PadLock RNG resulting in a performance improvement of up to 50% over software-based random number generation. Read More...

 The ASUS P5AD2 Premium i925X LGA775 Motherboard Review @ RojakPot:

"Boasting a new LGA775 socket, DDR2 support and the PCI Express bus, the new Intel i9xx chipsets usher in a new level of performance for the Intel Pentium 4 platform. Today, we will be taking a look at ASUS' latest premium motherboard - the new ASUS P5AD2 Premium motherboard. Based on nothing less than the top i925X chipset and coming with everything but the kitchen sink, the P5AD2 Premium looks set to take the crown. Join Chai as he scrutinizes this amazing motherboard!"

 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 SKU Available @ Dell.Com:

GeForce 6800 GT sku on Dell's website - the top option in the Dimension 8400 line.
PCI Express GeForce 6800 GT option added to the Dell XPS Gaming line.

 AMD and PCI-E Quick Post @ Penstarsys:

"NVIDIA has shown in the past that they can make a very solid chipset. While the first generation nForce was not a huge success, it did pave the road for the nForce 2 (which proved to be the best overall Athlno based chipset for its generation). The nForce 3 150 was a bit of a flop, but NVIDIA came back with the nForce 3 250 series, which is again proving to be a very successful part. The next generation looks to improve upon that, and NVIDIA appears to not mind making it to market after its competition. If this extra time spent equals a better part, then coming to market 3 months after the competition is not a bad thing, especially considering that due to the architecture of the AMD Athlon 64/Opteron, a solidly built next gen nForce will probably be in the market a very, very long time."

 Intel Pentium 4 560 (3.6 GHz LGA775) Processor @ Bjorn3D:

"When Intel first introduced the new Socket T (LGA 775) processors and motherboards, I was really intrigued by the pin-less processor. Never mind the general heat issues with Prescott CPUs and apparent disappointing performance of the new chipsets, I wanted to check out one of these new processors. Maybe I'm just easily entertained or just love a fundamental change, but I was eager to get my hands on the 560 processor that was heading my way."

 How to setup a wireless home office @ The Tech Zone:

"Going wireless have many advantages, the most important being not having to run NIC lines from one room to another in a brand new place. That was one of the biggest thing that bugged me about my old office. There were wires everywhere because we were always moving computers around and more than a few people tripped over the many NIC cables. This problem was multiplied when we hosted a LAN party."

That's going to have to do it for now.  Time to fire up Doom 3 to see how this baby does...  :)