Verizon's HTC 8X Smartphone Sold Unlocked, Works With AT&T And T-Mobile

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform is seeing a surge in interest now that the WP operating system has leveled up, but as these things usually go, each U.S. carrier seems to have a phone or two that's exclusive to them. And if you've had your eye on the HTC Windows Phone 8X, that might be unfortunate if you aren't a Verizon Wireless subscriber. The 8X can only be had from VZW, but there's some good news here: the phone is being sold unlocked. Precisely as with Verizon's iPhone 5, users can buy the 8X and then pop a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card into it and receive service.

This seems to be something of a trend with VZW selling unlocked phones, even on contract, and we surely hope that it carriers over to more carriers. After all, who likes to be locked in?

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