Verizon's HopeLine App Provides Support To Victims Of Domestic Violence

In many ways, we look at technology as a way to make our lives easier. Faster, stronger, better. But in the march towards quicker processors and more powerful GPUs, it's easy to miss the details. Take a look at the latest Android app from Verizon Wireless, HopeLine. It's an app for smartphones and tablets that was designed to provide support to victims of domestic violence. DV is a huge issue in America and around the world, but because it's mostly private, very little consideration is given to it from the masses. According to VZW, this new app will give those suffering from domestic violence access to "resources and assistance in a time of need." Users can connect directly to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline) for crisis intervention, information or referrals using #HOPE.

In addition, the HopeLine app will serve as an online community for those looking to share their inspirational stories of survival and volunteers looking to discuss their own outreach efforts. Photos and videos can be directly shared through the app, giving users the ability to engage with others who are involved in domestic violence awareness. For users who want to offer their support, the HopeLine app makes it easy for wireless users to donate no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories to HopeLine, Verizon Wireless' national cell phone recycling program.
"With the HopeLine app, we are giving necessary resources to victims seeking help, as well as individuals looking to get involved," said Elva Lima, executive director of community relations and multicultural communications at Verizon Wireless. "Wireless phones and technology can serve as a vital lifeline for those who need support, and we are putting the power of our network and devices in the hands of those who need it."
We don't often see this kind of outreach from a wireless carrier, but it's always heartwarming when we do.