Verizon's CFO Dodges iPhone Questions

Rumors have been flaring over this for as long as the iPhone has been a reality, but it sounds like they'll be least for a little while. While speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit, Verizon Wireless CFO John Killian flat-out refused to answer questions on whether his company was looking into snagging Apple's cellular cash cow. Instead, he insisted that VZW was positioned to serve needs by offering a wide range of devices. Unfortunately for him, a "wide range" still isn't "the iPhone," and as AT&T has seen in its startling new subscriber growth, having that ace in the hole is a big, big deal.

When Mr. Killian was really pressed on the issue, he stated the following: "We're going to have a series of introductions this year, we're not dependent on any one vendor." Obviously flustered by his dodging, analysts asked if he was worried about missing out on the buzz that the iPhone provides, and spoken like a CFO, he commented that he didn't want buzz, just "volumes, cash flow, profitability."

To us, this definitely doesn't sound as if an Apple agreement is in the works. Currently, AT&T is working hard to extend its exclusive agreement, and we get the feeling that Verizon isn't interested in engaging in any sort of bidding war in order to win Apple over. Of course, anything could happen, but Verizon Wireless certainly hasn't been hurting of late. Rather than shelling out for rights to the iPhone, it seems as Verizon is going to just keep on keeping on with its existing lineup -- until the door opens wide for it to finally capture a CDMA iPhone, of course.