Verizon Wireless Updates BlackBerry Storm

The good news is that one of the two rumored firmware updates for Verizon Wireless’ BlackBerry Storm has materialized; the bad news is that it’s not available to the masses quite yet. BlackBerry Enterprise Server users will be the first to receive the newly released firmware update for the Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Enterprise Server admins should find OS (Application Version .75) through the Desktop Manager.

For users, you should receive the update soon, assuming your BlackBerry Enterprise Server admin is on the ball. As for the rest of us common folk, word has it the update will be coming soon, hopefully within a week or two.


This update is said to address multiple bugs in OS v4.7.0.65, including a bug that changes the volume on the phone when using a wired headset; when listening to music over a wired headset, users have reported a sudden increase in volume to the highest level. Users have also reported muted incoming audio when trying to use voice-activated dialing. The final commonly reported issue involves spontaneous rebooting of the handset, particularly when using multimedia applications or while sitting idle. All of these issues are pretty annoying, so the update should be well received.

Although the update is not available to the masses quite yet, it has been leaked. Click here to access the update and instructions for installing. (Keep in mind you’re running this update at your own risk.) This desktop update requires a PC to run. Those who are more risk-averse should wait for the official release of the firmware.