Verizon Wireless May Not Offer Samsung Galaxy S II After All

We've known about the upcoming announcement and launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone for US carriers for a little while now. It has been assumed that Samsung would make a variant of this phone for all four of the top U.S. carriers. Now, one of America's largest carriers, Verizon Wireless, has confirmed that it will not carry the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Reportedly, Verizon Wireless has chosen not to offer this highly anticipated smartphone because it doesn't want to overwhelm customers with smartphones and because the carrier is already offering another Samsung phone, the Droid Charge. A Verizon Wireless spokesperson confirmed the carrier will not be offering the smartphone, and said, "We have a robust portfolio of devices that offer customers exciting options including the Droid Charge by Samsung which runs on Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network."

Samsung is expected to formally announce the Galaxy S II smartphone at a press event on Monday. This phone has been touted as a high-end phone that could really compete well with Apple's wildly popular iPhone. Although a Verizon Wireless variant of the Galaxy S II may not be announced on Monday, Samsung is expected to reveal variants for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile at the press event. The phone is expected to begin selling in September.

There is some good news for Verizon Wireless customers, however. Although Verizon Wireless won't announce a Galaxy S II handset on Monday, the carrier is expected to launch a Samsung handset with nearly identical specifications at some point in the future. This handset won't feature the Galaxy S II name but at least Verizon Wireless customers can rest easy knowing a similar phone should be coming to their carrier soon.