Verizon Wireless Debuts Details On XLTE Network: Higher Peak Rates, 2x Bandwidth

The leak that we spotted a couple of days ago has been confirmed: Verizon Wireless is gearing up to introduce a new version of LTE, dubbed XLTE, which promises 2x the bandwidth of its already peppy LTE network. The company has published a new commercial on its YouTube channel, as well as adding snippets of XLTE verbiage to its website for the first time.

Mind you, this isn't LTE-Advanced, but it's an improvement to LTE that will relieve some of the bandwidth pinches that have cropped up in major cities such as New York. VZW is also promises high peak rates and more bandwidth to share in "cities coast to coast," though it stops short of suggesting which locales stand to benefit.

For background, XLTE is just a consumer-friendly word for Verizon's incorporation of AWS spectrum, which it's using to deal with the influx of new customers (and the uptick in data usage). Granted, not every phone is XLTE-ready, but the heavy hitters (iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, the Droid range, etc.) are.

Best of all, there won't be an extra charge to hop onto XLTE networks, but you probably won't even know unless you fire up a speed test.
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