Verizon To Unplug Unlimited Data Hogs Who Consume Over 100GB Per Month

It looks as though Verizon is following in Microsoft's footsteps by preparing to boot people off of their unlimited data plans. Microsoft did it when it announced an end to unlimited cloud storage via OneDrive for subscribers to its Office 365 suite and replaced it with 1TB, and now Verizon is getting ready to pull the rug out from under unlimited data users who consume "an extraordinary amount of data," which translates to over 100GB per month.


Like Microsoft, Verizon is upset that consumers have the gall to think that unlimited means unlimited. When taking the term at face value, there's bound to be a relatively small number of people who gobble data like a starved pig placed in front of a freshly filled trough, but that's the beauty of an unlimited plan, by definition there's not supposed to be a limit. We double checked this with Merriam Webster.
Simple Definition of Unlimited
: without any limits or restrictions
: not limited in number or amount

Full Definition of Unlimited
: lacking any controls
: boundless, infinite
: not bounded by exceptions
Verizon's like a honey badger, it doesn't give a you-know-what about the definition of unlimited, and so it's going to force off contract users who consume the highest amount of data to pick a plan with a data ceiling. These users will have until August 31 to make a decision, after which time Verizon will disconnect service if they haven't made a choice.

"These users are using data amounts well in excess of our largest plan size (100GB). While the 100GB plan is designed to be shared across multiple users, each line receiving notification to move to the new Verizon Plan is using well in excess of that on a single device," Verizon explained to Droid Life.

Verizon currently promotes five main plan sizes, those being Small (2GB for $35/month), Medium (4GB for $50/month), Large (8GB for $70/month), Extra Large (16GB for $90/month), and 2XL (24GB for $110/month). Other data allotments are available ranging from 30GB/month for $135 on up to 100GB/month for a whopping $450. All of these plans also include Carryover Data, with any unused data getting tacked on to the next month's allotment.