Verizon Planning To Launch WiFi Calling Capability By Mid-2015

When was the last time a wireless carrier announced a new service feature without heavy marketing fanfare? Verizon Communications’ executive vice president and CFO Fran Shammo announced Wi-Fi calling for the service this week, but seemed to play down the importance of the feature. Wi-Fi calling will let customers use their mobile phones to make calls over their home wireless networks – a boon to people who are frustrated with spotty cell phone reception in parts of their homes.

Phones like the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with XLTE support will be able to make calls over home Wi-Fi networks by 2015.
XLTE-Ready Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Wi-Fi calling isn’t a new concept – T-Mobile and others already offer it – and, at least according to Shammo, it’s not a particularly critical feature, either. Speaking at a communications conference, Shammo suggested that Verizon’s network performance is so good that supplementing it with Wi-Fi calling isn’t really necessary. Nonetheless, Verizon is working on its network and expects to make the service available in 2015.